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Mad Scientists

After last years Zombie Outbreak Survival Camp, we at the CRCC realized that boys not only need to get off their electronics and be outside, but to also use their minds and be creative. We believe that by teaching them some of the principles of STEM -Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathmatics, it will light a spark in them to use their minds. One day these cubs could go on to do marvelous, inventive things like: build rockets to take us to the far reaches of the galaxy, create cities in the sky, or build a gigantic space station that can destroy planets. We will help them get excited about science as they become "Mad Scientists".
Information Packet


07:00 AM


at Fellowship Circle

08:25 AM

Station 1

09:00 aM

Station 2

09:55 AM

Brain Food

10:40 PM

Station 3

11:00 AM

Lunch & Station 4

at Dining Hall

11:55 AM

Lunch & Station 4

12:50 PM

Station 5

01:45 PM

Station 6

02:40 PM

Station 7

03:35 PM

Closing Ceremony

at Fellowship Circle

04:30 PM
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